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Treatment is extremely burdensome for both the patient and the doctor, sometimes dragging on for several months. But in the end, it was possible to get rid of severe systemic allergy to insulin in all patients who applied for help.


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Nexium pills, finally, how to treat an allergy to insulin, if it is noted for all insulin preparations, and the patient needs insulin urgently for health reasons?

If the patient is in a diabetic coma or precoma, then insulin is prescribed in the dose necessary to remove the coma, even intravenously, without any prior desensitization or administration of Nexium or glucocorticoids. In the world practice of insulin therapy, four such cases are described, in two of which insulin therapy was carried out despite allergy, and the patients managed to wake up from a coma, and they did not develop an anaphylactic reaction, despite intravenous insulin administration. In two other cases, when doctors refrained from timely administration of Esomeprazole, the patients died from a diabetic coma.

Suspicion of allergy to a human insulin preparation or a human insulin analogue in patients admitted to our clinic has not yet been confirmed in any case (including intradermal testing), and the necessary insulin preparation has been prescribed to the patients, without any allergic consequences .

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 Esomeprazole pills insulin resistance to modern insulin preparations, which is caused by IgM and IgG antibodies to insulin, is extremely rare, and therefore pseudo-insulin resistance must first be ruled out. In non-obese patients, a sign of moderately severe insulin resistance is the need for insulin 1-2 units/kg of body weight, and severe - more than 2 units/kg. If the insulin prescribed to the patient does not have the expected hypoglycemic effect, then you first need to check:

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Dr. Philip Bugaiski1.jpg If all of the above possible causes are excluded, then instruct only the guard sister to administer insulin. If all these measures do not improve the results of esomeprazole treatment, then we can assume that the patient has a true immune insulin resistance. It usually disappears within a year, rarely 5 years, without any treatment.

It is desirable to confirm the diagnosis of immune insulin resistance by testing for insulin antibodies, which, unfortunately, is not routine. Treatment begins with a change in the type of insulin - from human to an analogue of nexium insulin or vice versa, depending on what treatment the patient was on.

However, it is rather difficult to prove this biological insulin resistance in T2DM patients by a clinically acceptable method. As mentioned above, insulin resistance is measured today by its requirement per 1 kg of body weight.

From a therapeutic point of view, the question of the diagnostic criteria for insulin resistance in patients with type 2 diabetes is irrelevant until they are suspected to have immune insulin resistance to an insulin preparation.

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It should be noted that the criterion of insulin resistance of 200 units/day was introduced as a result of erroneous reasoning. In early experimental studies on dogs, it was found that their daily secretion of insulin does not exceed 60 units.

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Having calculated the need for insulin in a dog per 1 kg of its body weight, the researchers, taking into account the average body weight of a person, concluded that normally 200 units are secreted in a person. insulin per day. Later it was found that in humans the daily secretion of insulin does not exceed 60 units, but clinicians did not meet the criterion of insulin resistance of 200 units/day.

The development of lipoatrophy (disappearance of subcutaneous fat) at the site of insulin administration is also associated with antibodies to insulin, mainly related to IgG and IgM, and blocking the biological action of insulin.